Limited TV details

A plan focused on the basics, providing access to limited programming options including local and regional Canadian networks, provincial and educational broadcasters and mandatory channels.

Meets the entertainment needs of the light TV watcher at a low monthly price. Includes popular Canadian and US networks. WNED PBS Buffalo can be substituted for WTVS PBS Detroit at no additional cost.

Add channels to your Digital Lite package with the following add-on bundles:
  • SD Sports: $4.99 extra per month
  • HD Sports: $6.99 extra per month
  • Hollywood suite: $4.99 extra per month
  • HD Plus: $4.99 extra per month
  • HD Extra Lite: $3.99 extra per month
  • HD Extra: $5.99 extra per month
  • HD Combo: $10.99 extra per month
  • Timeshift bundle: $4.99 extra per month ($1.00 for first 6 mo.)
  • Movies East: $19.99 extra per month
  • Super Channel: $19.99 extra per month
  • Take two: $2.99 extra for any 2 channels or $2.49 for one
  • *NEW* Any English or French specialty bundle: $6.00 extra per month for each extra bundle

  • Includes these 38 great channels:
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